Why Crownwebb Limited

Since inception, Crownwebb Limited has always delivered rapid, reliable and robust information technology solutions. We solve our customers’ toughest operational challenges through tailored developments and improvements of systems applications. These ensure their business processes are powered by modern digital technology

We seek to always understand our customers’ businesses; upon which we provide comprehensive solutions that integrate their business process models with easy to use technology solutions. This is done through Our range of solutions that include: secured online payment systems, website integrations with database mixes, integration of flow-less communication channels, Short Messaging Services (SMS), and Mobile APPs

Easy to Use and Read Reports

Reports generated by our systems are easy to analyse and come up with decisions at a glance. One of our driving forces is simplicity and adhering to customer needs. With constant updates, we are able to closely monitor our applications and come up with realtime solutions in case of any problems

What we Do

Our solutions are distinguished by their functionality and powered by our technical expertise. We therefore guarantee our customers tailored solutions crafted by our competent and experienced team that prides itself with over fifteen years of experience.


Our history is backed with several successfully delivered similar projects (ERP’s) of more complex nature than this, which we have successfully executed directly and indirectly- both locally to the government agencies i.e SASRA,RBA,CMA,CPF,ERC etc ,local leading companies and organizations-US EMBASSY, On international platform we as well bring on board similar successful projects done to some of the largest government institutions, agencies and private enterprises outside the country. The experienced gained in these many projects both locally and internationally gives us the confidence, experience and boldness to extend our high level expertise learned over the years, with international experience to giving Nairobi City County a very stable, vast and formidable system that will be a reference point to other counties and government agencies both locally and outside borders when completed.

Technologies We use

Our Clients